The Klevevž mill is equipped

 for the most demanding guests

Klevevška toplica

The greatest wealth of the place is Klevevška toplica, a natural thermal spring located between an unspoiled forest, green meadows and the Radulja stream, which creates a beautiful gorge with many small waterfalls. The natural spa is a tourist pearl that invites with healing and crystal clear water. Its temperature is around 24 degrees throughout the year. C. Opposite is also Klevevška jama, which is represented by over 500 m of tunnels.

Klevevž Mill

The Klevevž mill is equipped for the most demanding guests looking for peace and contact with nature, has all the possibilities for unlimited swimming in a natural thermal pool, only 60 m away from the building and the possibility of walking, cycling or running. For the more active, there are visits to golf courses in Otočec (9 km) and in Mokrice (40 km) and various other sports activities.

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